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Where We Build Your Visions

Do you want to own your own home with ease or invest in real estates? Apexin AS is a  real estate company with a mission of expanding homeownership and property investment opportunities among low- to moderate-income residents in Scandinavia.

We provide financial partnership & advisory services for potential homebuyers to ease their entry into the real estate market. In addition, we also provide real estate investment and property management services.

Building in Neighborhood

Apartment Rental Service

  • Apexin offers various property rental services such as service apartments, short-term and long-term rentals

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Property Advertisement Services

Apexin provides a marketplace where landlords can advertise their properties


Apexins AS have designed different products to help our clients get into owning their homes in addition to making both active or passive investors make profits from the property market. Click the links below for product details..

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